вторник, 12 января 2010 г.

Falling asleep

All people need sleep at night and at day. No matter when you need this sleep but the main thing is that you need it, one way or another. It is a rest you have while sleeping and it is the necessary rest. You know, that rest you have while sleeping is a rest necessary for your brain and it is your brain that makes you fall asleep. There are such cells in your brain that are like safety devices. At least that is how those operate. See, you have those thoughts on your head and you receive the whole information during a day and that whole stuff is processed in your brain and that is why brain gets tired. Brain gets tired and it needs rest because otherwise something bad may happen. In case you never give a rest for your brain then it takes it himself. Those safety cells direct an order for your whole body to fall asleep and you feel tired and sleepy. In other words, your brain (that controls your whole body) orders you to fall asleep and you follow this order. That is how it happens and the reason for it is that you need rest and your body needs rest.

четверг, 30 апреля 2009 г.

Summer rest

Summer rest is the best rest of all possible and known kinds of rest. It is a time when people are free of everything they have and must do during a year. That rest lasts for two weeks for some people and this rest may also last for two or three months for others. They are pupils and students that can have their full summer rest. But those people that have job and have work t do usually have only two weeks for the summer rest. But still, all of them are free of everything that bothers and worries them. It is a time when people leave their cities and their hoes and going to the sea or some another place in order to have a good rest and great fun, you know. Summer rest is the wild rest and it is the wildest rest. It is when people go far and far away from their homes to some places where there are no people that know them and they can feel totally free there. They can have a rest of all those social rules and restrictions and so on and so forth, ad so there is no rest better than summer one.

вторник, 3 февраля 2009 г.

Capricorn and its rest

Anyone who has ever spoken with Capricorn with can safely say that people born under this constellation zodiac, have enormous potential! Despite the fact that the ibex secretly, as if they were kept secret, which is entrusted only to them. Male and female horoscopes can help you a few steps to get into the inner world of Capricorn, a marriage horoscope help find the hidden features of the people of this land mark! 
Most typical Capricorn not very interested in group sports. They will be working hard on their hobby and want to make it succeed. That they choose, it should deserve respect and to increase their chances that they admired and respected. Ibex so aware of their duties and responsibilities those are very difficult to afford to enjoy something for its own sake of this exercise. Gradually, when they become grandparents, they want to afford to relax a bit and enjoy the game with the grandchildren. Typical Capricorn on vacation prefer: a hearing or the performance of music, golf, walking, playing chess, a tactical game, visit museums, galleries and theaters, reading, gardening, home improvement. 
Capricorn likes to engage in something, even when he relaxes. Many are trying to deal with needlework or sewing, even when watching TV. Even on vacation this indefatigable laborer in the case. He likes to rest on the respectable resort, which can go every year, but if such an opportunity, for whatever reason, will not be the best pastime for him is to rest in his home near the fireplace in the family and old friends. Often, Capricorn, because of their thoughtful and seriousness starts to get involved in occult sciences, mysticism and astrology, and is interested in the history of collecting.